Some key features with our packages

These are pre-made businesses with no sales but they’re fully set-up for a new owner and ready to be taken to the next level. Put your unique spin on things and grow a starter Ecommerce company.

Online Store Features

Not everyone is a graphic designer, technician, marketeer, social guru and business person all in one, which is why we start you on the next level with a live site indexed in Google and taking traffic. Everything you need on day 1.

Own it & No Fees

You own your brand, domain, site files, images, everything! You can move it wherever you want, to who you want, are not tied to us or anyone. Best of all No Monthly Fees, No Hosting for 12 Months, No Commissions, No Profit Split, all 100% yours.

200+ Products Ready

We hand craft and input over 100 product descriptions, images and data into your site already linked to the supplier so you don’t have to do it yourself, and submit them to Google for Indexing. Products ready for you to start selling on day 1.

Unlimited Support

Direct contact to our Fantastic Support Staff with Free access to our many online training documents and resources, how-to’s and free Weekly Training Webinars. Technical, Business and Marketing Support to get your business moving from day 1.

We don’t do demos!

Our sites are live right NOW……

(A) $150 / ₦85,000